Vil tro at de som følger meg på Twitter har fått med seg mitt engasjement i #heleneharepus-saken. Mulig jeg har tatt litt av der, men du verden så provoserende denne saken er. Fordelen med den er at Visjon Norge og Jan Hanvold er blitt ekstra mye eksponert den siste uken. Ulempen, og det verste, Twitter suspenderte @smultringer som la ut klipp fra Visjon Norge, som viste galskapen de driver med. Jeg tviler på at jeg klarer å utgjøre en stor forskjell i saken, men det hindrer meg ikke i å prøve.

I kveld sendte jeg epost til support@twitter.com i håp om at @smultringer kan få gjenåpnet Twitter-kontoen sin. Dere må gjerne copy/paste og sende e-posten selv og signere med deres navn om dere ønsker. Da er det vel større sjanse for at de legger merke til den.
(PS! Overse gjerne evt. skrivefeil)
Emne: Inquiry about suspension of twitter account: @smultringer

Hi, Twitter

I have an inquiry about your decision to suspend the Twitter account @smultringer

She has been reported by Visjon Norge / Dan Aksel Jacobsen for breaking the Copyright rules stated in your Rules of agreement. I beg to differ, and I hope you’ll listen.

Visjon Norge, and it’s “leader” Jan Hanvold, are already exposed by NRK – the public broadcaster in Norway, to be running a suspicious business exploiting the weak, elderly and desperate people. They use religion, Jesus, Hell, Salvation and so on to make those watching donating money. I believe you already have these kind of TV shows over in the US. The documentary NRK made about Visjon Norge is called «Pengepredikanten/Money preacher» and is available here: https://tv.nrk.no/serie/brennpunkt/MDDP11001316/25-10-2016

Visjon Norge broadcasts 24/7, mostly reruns and pre-recorded programs. But they also have som LIVE broadcasts, and those are of big importance here. When they do reruns of these LIVE shows, they edit away the worst parts. These parts @smultringer recorded and postet on Twitter.

It could be things like:
– If you only donate $ 5 you’re cheap. And Jesus hates cheap people. Cheap people go to hell
– Barack Obama is a muslim and filled the White House five times a day with prayers
– The were some good nazis during the World War II
– People on welfare are «psychological confused losers» (actually that one he wrote on his public Facebook-page)

… and belive me. This list goes on forever

You say you won’t suspend @realDonaldTrump even though he threatens North-Korea with nuclear war (which clearly breaks your Rules of agreement) – because it’s newsworthy.

Well so is this. To us @smultringer is newsworthy because she exposes the lies these scam artists edits away in the reruns. This “christian” TV-channel is ALT-right, praising our ALT-right news sites like resett.no, document.no and idag.no – and denounces all main stream medias , and that needs to be exposed.

I know US and Norway have some different rules about “fair use/freedom of speech”, but all the articles written and experts stating about this case – better known as #heleneharepus (trended in Norway for about a week, and still is active) – says the same thing: Visjon Norge are exploiting their right to call their copyright-claim. This is newsworthy. This is important. People need to see and hear what these people are saying/preaching for ONE purpose: Making people send them money.

I hope you will reconsider your suspension of @smultringer, because she is – as I already stated – very important.

Any reply on this mail is appreciated.
Best regards
André Ulveseter


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